How to Generate or Add Custom QR Codes to a WordPress Website

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QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code):

It is a machine readable code.It consists of array of black and white squares. QR code is basically used for storing the URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.



Add QR Code in WordPress website:

There are lot of Plugins available to Add QR Code in WordPress Site. Some QR Code Plugins provide Shortcode option. Some QR Code Plugins offer  readily available Insert QR Code Buttons. Some plugins offer both options.

Here is the List of some Popular QR Code WordPress Plugins:

  • Simple QR Code
    1. Simple QR Code Provides very simple Shortcode method to Generate QR Codes like [QR][/QR]. Just you need to Specify the Link within the [QR][/QR] Shortcode. Your QR Code will be generated.
  • QR Code Generator
    1. This QR Code Generator Plugin uses little advanced method to Insert QR Code. It uses Shortcode with little more options.
    2. You can use simply [qrcode] to generate QR Code of the URL of Current website.
    3. You can use [qrcode] shortcode with parameters like content, size, alt, class, credit, shadow.
      [qrcode content="Your QR Code Content" size="150" alt="Alternate text" class="class name"]
    4. Try parameters yourself one by one until you feel comfort with your QR Code.
    5. If you feel the Plugin Author’s image link unnecessary then you can set the credit parameter to false like
      [qrcode credit=false content="Your QR Code Content" size="150" alt="Alternate text" class="class name"]
  • Generate QR Code
    1. This Generate QR Code Plugin offers Shortcode as well as a User friendly button to Insert QR Code right from your WordPress Text Editor.
    2. Use [qrcode][/qrcode] as shortcode.

Steps to Add a QR Code Plugin to WordPress

  1. Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click “Plugins” in the Left Side Bar in the Admin Panel.
  3. Click “Add New” Button in the Top of that Plugins Page.
  4. In the Add Plugins Page, Put QR Code in the “Search Plugins” Search box.
  5. Your search will show a lot of Plugins related to QR Code.
  6. Just click “Install Now” Button found in appropriate plugin box.

That’s it. Now the QR Code Plugin Installed. You can use it to Generate your QR Codes and use it in your WordPress Posts and Pages.