How to Lose Weight Without Side effects

There are plenty of advertisements for diet aids, pills, snacks as appetite suppressants.But the safest way to lose weight matters here. Weight lose not only changes our beauty and shape but also helps to keep our body healthy. There is no quickest and safest way to lose weight. It can be achieved with lifestyle changes over a long period of time.

Step 1:    Take Down The Eating And Lifestyle Habits

  • We have to keep track of each and every eating habits of weekdays and weekends. Many people eat differently on weekends. Everything must be noted down.
  • It has to be noted how often we are taking food or snacks. Food from home or restaurant also has to be noted.
  • The food that we eat is healthier or it is a frozen and processed foods must be noted.

Step 2:   Cut down the meal size

  • By decreasing the size of our daily meal helps to reduce the calories we take.
  • Try to change the food habits to the recommended size and methods.
  • In order to avoid confusion in the size of the meal, We can buy a bowl of standard sizes and start eating in that bowl.

Step 3:   Consiousness in calories

  • Try to cut down 500 calories maximum.
  • Cutting down more than 500 calories is not healthy way.
  • Exercising is the best way to cut down the calories. But make sure that you dont eat too little.

Step 4:   Take down the emotions that trigger you to eat:

  • Keep track of which emotional mood makes you to eat high fat snack..
  • Which time day or night forcing you to eat snacks, has to be noted

Step 5:   Create a balanced diet plan

  • Create a diet plan which does not eliminate a large amount of food or entire food.
  • Consider programs which includes balanced diet and regular physical activities.
  • Examples:the DASH diet (great for high blood pressure), a diet that focuses on balanced meals and portion sizes, a higher protein, moderate carbohydrate diet, a diet based on a Mediterranean style of eating.

Step 6:   Meeting the dietitian

  • It helps with additional information and some suggestion according to our body condition.
  • They may suggest some effective diet plan and physical activities.
  • It is suggested to visit the dietitian regularly during the weight lose process.

Following these steps regularly will definitely help in losing weight.