How to Add a Website Shortcut to your Android home screen with Google Chrome

If you are regularly visiting a Website in your Android mobile and you think to have its shortcut in your Android home screen rather than opening Google Chrome and typing Website Url then this tip is for you.

You may have several browsers in your mobile but using this easy tip you can easily add a Website shortcut in your home screen and it will be opened via Google Chrome only.

Lets get into the steps,

  1. Open Google Chrome in your Android mobile.
  2. Type your favorite website Url. Navigate to your favorite link if any.
  3. Tab menu icon (Three vertical dots) found in the top right.
  4. Tab Add to Home screen menu item.
  5. It will popup with the Website title. It will be the Home screen shortcut icon’s name. You can customize if you want.
  6. That’s it. Now the Website Shortcut will be displayed in your Android home screen with its Website’s icon (Favicon).