How to install fonts in Windows

You can install any number of fonts to windows. Windows system default fonts comes with Windows installation CD. To install additional fonts please follow these steps.

Method : Open fonts folder and copy font file.
1. Open Mycomputer.
2. Click the Windows installation drive. Typically C: drive.
install font in windows fonts folder
3. Open Windows folder.
4. Open fonts folder.
5. Copy the font file you have downloaded from Internet or from pendrive.
6. Paste the font file in fonts folder.
7. Now the font installed in Windows. You can open any Text Editor like Notepad or MS Word and check it from the fonts list, the font name will appear in the list.

Note: If you can't open the fonts folder by the above said steps you can open it by typing %windir%\fonts in the Run box (Run box can by open by pressing Windows Key+R in the keyboard.)