How to Reduce Windows 10 Data Usage by Disabling or Restricting Automatic Updates

Windows 10 is designed to connect always and stay up to date. It will consume much more data compared to other windows versions. You can check the Apps data usage too.

Windows 10 Automatic updates plays major role in the Data Usage. It consumes a lot.

Follow these few tricks to avoid more data usage in Windows 10.

Disable Automatic updates by setting your Wifi connection as metered connection from Settings app

  1. Open Settings app, Click Network & Internet.
  2. Click Advanced Options to show the list of Wifi connections
  3. Click to Enable Set as metered connection.

Disable or Restrict Automatic updates from Group Policy

  1. Open Run dialog box by pressing Winkey+R
  2. Type the following and press enter
  3. Open,
    Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Update
  4. Double Click “Configure Automatic Updates” to open it.
  5. You can set Disabled to Disable Automatic Updates completely. Completely disabling is not recommended by Microsoft.
  6. You can have the other options with Enabled setting like,
    a) Notify for download and notify for install
    b) Auto download and notify for install
    c) Auto download and schedule the install
    d) Allow local admin to choose setting

By using these settings you can take control of your Data in Windows 10 Automatic Update. But don’t forget to check the Data Usage. It gives a clear view about which Apps consumes more data.