How to Download Facebook Videos on Android phone

Download videos from Facebook is not yet offered by Official Facebook Team. But there are so many applications in playstore can do the download for you. All you have to do is, choose a best App for this download work. All Apps require your facebook login details. Keep in mind these Apps are not developed by Facebook. So providing Facebook login details may end up with risk.

These are the most popular Apps to download Facebook Videos,

facebook video downloader screenshot

Video Downloader for Facebook
Video Downloader for Facebook
Video Downloader for Facebook
EZ Video Download for Facebook

How to install Video downloader for Facebook
Just go to Play store from your android mobile phone. Put any one of the above titles in search box.
Click install.
After the installation, you need to give your Facebook login details to proceed further.
Once you logged in, you may find the list of Videos from facebook. Just click on the video to download it in your Android mobile.

How to edit your photos easily on Google Photos

You might know, you will get Unlimited Storage on new Google Photos. With the recent google Photos update you can easily edit your photos. This latest update having all basic edit options and few Advanced photo edit options.

First you need to click on the pencil icon found in the top right corner of the photo. It will be shown while you view a photo in full size.

google photos edit pencil icon
After clicking Pencil edit icon, a lot of photo edit options will appear on the right side bar. This side bar categorized in three tabs named Basic adjustment, Color filters, Crop and Rotate.
google photos edit tabs

Basic Adjustments Tab has Brightness correction tool, Color correction tool, contrast correction (Pop) tool, vignette option tool.

Color filter tab has Mars color filter, Phobos color filter, Deimos color filter, Ceres color filter, Juno color filter, saturn color filter, Mimas color filter, Rhea color filter, Dione color filter, Ariel color filter, Triton color filter, Venus color filter, Pluto color filter Eris color filter options.

Crop & Rotate tab has maintain aspect ratio icon, and rotate icon.

Automatic Saving!!!
You can do all your edits and manually click Done icon found in the top menu. Or you can simply press right arrow key or left arrow key in keyboard, the changes you made will be automatically saved. Also Changes will be saved automatically when you  click the right,left arrow icons over the photos. It will be showed once you hover the mouse over the photo. You can have the Revert back to original option too.

How to type Bengali in Windows 7

You can write Bengali in Windows 7.
Follow these steps to write Bangla in Windows 7

1. Click Start>Settings>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options

region and languages in windows 7

2. Click on the Keyboard and Languages tab.

keyboard and languages tab in windows 7

3. Click Change Keyboards button.

chagne keyboard button in windows 7

4. It will open Text Services and Input Languages window.

5. Click Add button in the Installed serviecs pane.

text services and input languages add button in windows 7

6. Find Bengali (India) in the list. Click the (+) to expand the Bengali additional options and click (+) on the keyboard to expand further.

7. Put a check on Bengali box.

choose bengali language in windows 7

8. Click Ok button. This may ask installation CD. It will not ask it already installed.

9. Click Advanced Key settings tab in the Text services and Input languages window.

10. Choose To Bengali (India) in the List shown and click Change Key sequence button to configure Hot key for Bengali language.

chagne key sequence in advanced key settings in windows 7

11. Close all open window by clicking Ok buttons.

12. Now open any text editors like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Wordpad, Notepad or any windows 7 application.

13. Press the key combination you set for Bengali to change the input language.

14. Now you can type in Bengali.

15. Press Key sequence for Between input languages (set in Region and Languages->Keyboards and Languages->Text Services and Input Languages->Advanced Key Settings) to switch back from Bengali language.


How to install fonts in Windows

You can install any number of fonts to windows. Windows system default fonts comes with Windows installation CD. To install additional fonts please follow these steps.

Method : Open fonts folder and copy font file.
1. Open Mycomputer.
2. Click the Windows installation drive. Typically C: drive.
install font in windows fonts folder
3. Open Windows folder.
4. Open fonts folder.
5. Copy the font file you have downloaded from Internet or from pendrive.
6. Paste the font file in fonts folder.
7. Now the font installed in Windows. You can open any Text Editor like Notepad or MS Word and check it from the fonts list, the font name will appear in the list.

Note: If you can't open the fonts folder by the above said steps you can open it by typing %windir%\fonts in the Run box (Run box can by open by pressing Windows Key+R in the keyboard.)

How to write Bengali in Photoshop CS3 CS5 CS6 Illustrator

There are some things we need to write Bengali in photoshop CS3 CS5 CS6 Illustrator Dreamweaver Coreldraw.
Bangala ANSI font and Avro Keyboard.

You can download Bangala Font from or direct download link

You can download Avro Keyboard from or direct download link

Step 1 : Install Bangala ANSI Font
You can refer How to install fonts in Windows to install fonts. Or simply you can copy the font ttf file in to “Windows\fonts” folder.

Step 2 : Configure Avro keyboard software
Open Avro keyboard software. Then go to Avro Settings(in the menu)->Output as ANSI->Use ANSI anyway

Choosing Output as ANSI in Avro Keyboard software

Click Use ANSI anyway button in confirmation in Avro Keyboard software

Step 3 : Write in Photoshop CS3
Open Photoshop CS3
Choose Type Tool from the Tools window.
choose the Bangala font in the fonts list as shown in the figure.

Write Bengali in Photoshop CS3
Now you can write in Bengali in Photoshop CS3 or CS5 or CS6 or Illustrator or Dreamweaver or Coreldraw.

How to take screenshots in Windows 10

Snipping Tool Method:
Windows 10 has the inbuilt screenshot taking software called Snipping Tool.

Type Snipping Tool in the search box on the start menu or search box on the task bar and then click Snipping Tool to open it.

Click New menu, it will show a popup window to take variety of screenshots like free-form, rectangular, window, or full-screen.
Choose free-form to draw custom area on the screen to capture as screenshot.
Choose rectangular to draw a rectangular on the screen, this rectangular part will be saved as screen shot.
Choose window option to capture any opened window content as screenshot.

how to take screen shot in Windows 10 using Snipping Tool

After snip it will be copied to clipboard, this will be helpful if you want to paste within the word document or use it in any picture editor like photoshop.
If you want to save it in file, Click save snip button.

If you are taking screenshot from a browser then web page url will be automatically added in the bottom of the screenshot. If you do not want this url click options button. It will open Snipping Tool Options. Clear the Include URL below snips check box.

You can check out other options like outline to make your perfect screenshot.

Print Screen Method :
PrtScn - Print Screen key in keyboard

You can also try the ancient way of taking screenshot by pressing PrtScn key (Print Screen key) in the keyboard.

Pressing PrtScn button will copy the entire screen into clipboard. You can paste it into any picture editors like paint or photoshop.

Pressing Alt+PrtScn will copy the Active window screenshot into clipboard. You can paste it into any picture editors as said before.

Pressing Windows logo key + PrtScn will save the screenshot into screenshots folder inside pictures folder, which can be found inside documents folder.

Some laptop manufactures doesn’t include this Print Screen key, as this can be achieved by no. of methods. If Print Screen key not found, they may be provided it by Fn (Special Function Key) . Carefully look into the combination of Fn keys.

Windows 10 Tablet method :
taking screenshot in Windows 10 tablet by pressing home and volume down button

In Windows 10 Tablet, you can take screenshots by pressing Windows Home button and volume down button. This will save the screenshots into screenshots folder found in pictures library.

How to set or change again your default browser after upgraded Windows 10

When you install Firefox after the fresh installation of Windows 10 you can have the option to set Firefox as default browser.
But when you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8, the upgrade process may change your default browser to Microsoft Edge. Even though your default browser is Firefox in old OS. You have to change it back again in Windows 10.

Do these easy steps to change the default browser back to Firefox.

1. Click the menu button Firefox menu button in Firefox, then choose Options.
2. In the General pane in options window, click Make Default button.
firefox options general page

3. Now the Windows Settings app will open. It will show the Choose default apps screen.
windows 10 default apps menu

4. Scroll down the list and click the Microsoft Edge icon under Web browser.
windows 10 default browser popup window

5. In the Choose an app screen, click Firefox to set it as the default browser.
6. Now Firefox is your default browser.