How to turn On or Off Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

Mobile Hotspot:

It is a widely used facility in smart phone nowadays. When we switch On the Mobile hotspot tethering, we can share our Mobile 3G/4G data with any device with a wireless connection. They can connect to the internet via our smartphone’s connection. By providing the Username and Password (WEP/WPA/WPA2 security algorithm) we can restrict the unknown users from getting our internet connection.

Windows PC Mobile Hotspot:

Here we are going to see how to use our Windows PC as a Mobile Hotspot. If our PC has a cellular data connection, by turning On the Mobile Hotspot we will be able to share our internet connection with desired devices.


Steps to follow to Turn On or Off Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10 PC

Turn On settings

Step 1:

Click Start and Click Settings and click on the Network & Internet icon.

Step 2:

Click on Mobile hotspot from the left side and choose the option for “share my internet connection from” on your PC for devices (ex: Cellular, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi)

Step 3:

Click the edit button to change the  network name and network password for the devices to connect with.

Step 4:

Now you can share this Username and Password  to whom you want to share the internet connection with, when you have Mobile Hotspot turned On for your PC.


Steps to  turn Off Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10 PC

Step 1:

Click Start and Click Settings and click Network & Internet icon.

Step 2:

Click  Mobile Hotspot on the left side, and turn Off Share your Internet connection with other devices.

Step 3:

All the connected devices lose connection now.


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