How to Always Start your Google Chrome in Incognito Mode (Private Browsing)

Follow these easy steps to open your Google chrome always in Incognito mode (Private Browsing).

  1. Open the shortcut properties by Right Click on the shortcut icon.
  2. This icon may found in Taskbar (May Right Click again) or Desktop or Startmenu.
  3. Click Shortcut Tab in the Properties window.
  4. In the Target box, it will show the actual executable file location.
  5. Add the following at the end of the Target location.
  6. Target location may end up with chrome.exe. put a space and add –incognito (Double hyphen is mandatory).
  7. Click Ok button to close the properties window.
  8. Now your Google chrome will always open in Incognito mode.
  9. If you want to revert, just go to the shortcut properties just before and remove that –incognito, and leave the rest in the Target box.

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