How to Toggle Winamp Windows using Keyboard Shortcut

Winamp is all time favorite media player. You will love to work with Winamp if you familiar with its keyboard shortcuts.

You can create Universal shortcut to open Winamp from any application. Check it out shortcut text box in Winamp shortcut properties to create universal shortcut.

Open Winamp and use these shortcuts to Toggle its windows.

Press Alt+W to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Main Player Window.
Press Alt+E to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Playlist Window.
Press Alt+L to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Media Library Window.
Press Alt+V to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Video Window.
Press Alt+X to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Browser Window.
Press Alt+G to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Graphics Equalizer Window.
Press Alt+C to Toggle (Show/Hide) Winamp Skin Settings Window.
Press Ctrl+Shift+K to Toggle (Show/Hide) Visualization  Window.