How to Load a Web URL in Firefox Private Browsing with Single Click

Private Browsing in Firefox is a best option if you want to browse the internet without saving the browsing history. By default Firefox stores a lot of information while you browsing. Firefox will save Your Browsing History, What are all you search in net, Website’s cookies and Temporary Files for faster and easier browsing. But in Private Browsing these things will not stored. Note, this doesn’t make you to browse completely anonymously. But in your Local Computer doesn’t have any traces of your Browsing history.

If you frequently want to browse a Particular URL in Firefox Private Browsing means, the following easy steps will help you to achieve this with single click. After this You don’t need to open Firefox in Normal Mode (Which is by default) and change the mode to Private Browsing then type your URL to view that website.

Easy Steps to Load a Web URL in Firefox Private Browsing with Single Click.

  1. Make a Copy of the Firefox Shortcut by just Copy & Paste.
  2. Right Click on the New Firefox Shortcut and Click Properties.
  3. Open the Shortcut Tab.
  4. In the Target Box, you may see the Firefox installation file path within double quote or without double quote. Don’t alter that Firefox Target Path, if you do, this shortcut definitely won’t open Firefox.
  5. Type a Space at the end of the Target and Add the following command,
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"  -private-window
  6. Make Sure to put a space before and after -priavte-window
  7. Now click Ok to close the Shortcut Properties.
  8. That’s it. Your shortcut is ready to open the Firefox in Private Browsing with your Predefined URL.

Whenever you click on this Firefox Shortcut, your Predefined URL will be opened in Private Browsing Mode. You can also change the default Icon by clicking the Change Icon button in the Shortcut Tab to differentiate from normal Firefox Shortcut.

This won’t affect your normal Firefox Shortcut. That will always open in Normal Browsing Mode.

You can also open Firefox Always in Private Browsing How to Always Start Your Firefox in Private Browsing Window

How to Always Start your Firefox in Private Browsing Window

If you want to start your Firefox always in Private Browsing mode, follow these easy steps.

  1. Open Options by clicking menu firefox-menu-button.png.png button. or Simply press alt then t then o.
  2. Click Privacy from the side menu.
  3. Under the History heading, by default it will show
    Firefox will : Remember History
  4. Change it to
    Use custom settings for History
  5. Put a check mark in the option,
    Always use private browsing mode
  6. Now Firefox will ask for Restart. Click Ok button to restart.
  7. From now on Firefox will always open in private browsing. As always you can change the option to start normal browsing in future by just uncheck the above option.