How to Enable/Disable Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome Browser

Most of the Android Mobile users using Facebook in Browsers instead of using Facebook App. Facebook App is a data hungry application. It consumes lot of data. For this kind of more data usage problem Facebook introduced Facebook Lite App. Facebook Lite App uses very less data compared to Facebook App. But it has limited functionalities. Apart from using these Apps most users will love to use Facebook in Browsers. While using Browsers there was only one missing part which is Notifications. But now it’s also possible. You can receive Facebook Push Notification from Browsers too.

Enable Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome

Enabling Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome is quite simple. Just open the Android Chrome and type and load it. Once Facebook loaded it will show you an alert and ask permission for showing notifications. If you allow it then Chrome browser will show Facebook notifications just like Facebook App. It the notification alert not showing you may need to check the Chrome settings for Notifications is enabled by browser itself or not.
[Goto Settings->Site Settings->Notification to check the Notifications is enabled or not].

Disable Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome.

Disabling Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome is also quite simple. Goto Settings by Tabbing on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner in Android Chrome Browser, then scroll it and goto Site Settings, Tab Notifications.

This Notifications settings page will show all the website details which are all having permission to show notifications. Find the Facebook site and Tab it to open Facebook Notification setting page. You may find a button named “CLEAR & RESET”. Tab it to clear the Notification setting for Facebook.

After this step you won’t receive any notification from Facebook via Android Chrome Browser.


How to Add a Website Shortcut to your Android home screen with Google Chrome

If you are regularly visiting a Website in your Android mobile and you think to have its shortcut in your Android home screen rather than opening Google Chrome and typing Website Url then this tip is for you.

You may have several browsers in your mobile but using this easy tip you can easily add a Website shortcut in your home screen and it will be opened via Google Chrome only.

Lets get into the steps,

  1. Open Google Chrome in your Android mobile.
  2. Type your favorite website Url. Navigate to your favorite link if any.
  3. Tab menu icon (Three vertical dots) found in the top right.
  4. Tab Add to Home screen menu item.
  5. It will popup with the Website title. It will be the Home screen shortcut icon’s name. You can customize if you want.
  6. That’s it. Now the Website Shortcut will be displayed in your Android home screen with its Website’s icon (Favicon).

How to change the default search engine setting in Android Chrome

Android Chrome comes with Google as it’s default search engine. You can change if you want.

Follow these easy steps to change from Google to your favourite search engine to make your queries in Android Chrome.
1. Open Chrome in Android.
2. Tab three vertical dots found in the top right corner of the Chrome App. It will open popup menu.
3. Tab Settings, found in the bottom of that menu. It will open the settings page.
4. You may find Search engine setting in very first of that page. Tab it.
5. It will show Google with selected option, and other major search engine list like Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL.
6. You can choose any one and Close the settings.
7. Now you can do your queries with new search engine.
8. If you are not satisfied with new search engine, follow the above steps again to revert back to Google.