How to install NodeJS NPM (Node Package Manager) in Windows

  1. Goto
  2. Scroll down to see installer download option for your OS, if you can’t find, goto there your can find installer for your OS.
  3. Click here to download for Windows 32bit msi installer
  4. Install it.
  5. After installation, check whether it is installed or not by using command prompt.
  6. Open Command Prompt and type,
    node --version


    node -v

    And to check npm installed, in Command Prompt type,

    npm --version


    npm -v
  7. You should see the version details of node.
  8. Thats it!

How to uninstall Apps and Programs in Windows 10

From StartMenu, right click on the App or Program and click Uninstall.

From Settings,  Start-> Settings -> System -> Apps & Features -> Click on App name -> Uninstall.

From Control Panel, Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Click on App name -> Uninstall.

If you didn’t see Uninstall option then it must be a default app in Windows 10. Click Here to see How to uninstall Default Apps and Programs in Windows 10

For detailed steps Click Here

How to uninstall Default Apps and Programs in Windows 10

We can Uninstall some of the default Apps like Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Camera, Maps, Movies & TV, People, Photos, Store, Wheater etc. But we can’t Uninstall ever some of the default Apps like Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Windows Feedback etc.

Open Windows PowerShell in Administrator Mode. Type the following,

Get-AppxPackage *windowscalculator* | Remove-AppxPackage

Here is the list of App name (Just replace windowscalculator in the command),

3D Builder: 3dbuilder

Alarms and Clock: windowsalarms

Calendar and Mail: windowscommunicationsapps

Camera: windowscamera

Groove Music: zunemusic

Maps: windowsmaps

Movies & TV: zunevideo

OneNote: onenote

People: people

Photos: photos

Store: windowsstore

Voice Recorder: soundrecorder

Xbox: xboxapp

For detailed steps Click Here

How to add music to a Google Slides presentation

By default Google Slides doesn’t offer music support. With a small trick we can achieve it.

Simply adding a link to online music file will give you music on slide. You can insert link or image with link. You can insert YouTube video too.

But in all methods you have to click the links while playing presentation. Then only the music will play.

For detailed steps click here

How to Enable/Disable Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome Browser

Most of the Android Mobile users using Facebook in Browsers instead of using Facebook App. Facebook App is a data hungry application. It consumes lot of data. For this kind of more data usage problem Facebook introduced Facebook Lite App. Facebook Lite App uses very less data compared to Facebook App. But it has limited functionalities. Apart from using these Apps most users will love to use Facebook in Browsers. While using Browsers there was only one missing part which is Notifications. But now it’s also possible. You can receive Facebook Push Notification from Browsers too.

Enable Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome

Enabling Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome is quite simple. Just open the Android Chrome and type and load it. Once Facebook loaded it will show you an alert and ask permission for showing notifications. If you allow it then Chrome browser will show Facebook notifications just like Facebook App. It the notification alert not showing you may need to check the Chrome settings for Notifications is enabled by browser itself or not.
[Goto Settings->Site Settings->Notification to check the Notifications is enabled or not].

Disable Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome.

Disabling Facebook Notifications in Android Chrome is also quite simple. Goto Settings by Tabbing on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner in Android Chrome Browser, then scroll it and goto Site Settings, Tab Notifications.

This Notifications settings page will show all the website details which are all having permission to show notifications. Find the Facebook site and Tab it to open Facebook Notification setting page. You may find a button named “CLEAR & RESET”. Tab it to clear the Notification setting for Facebook.

After this step you won’t receive any notification from Facebook via Android Chrome Browser.


How to Load a Web URL in Firefox Private Browsing with Single Click

Private Browsing in Firefox is a best option if you want to browse the internet without saving the browsing history. By default Firefox stores a lot of information while you browsing. Firefox will save Your Browsing History, What are all you search in net, Website’s cookies and Temporary Files for faster and easier browsing. But in Private Browsing these things will not stored. Note, this doesn’t make you to browse completely anonymously. But in your Local Computer doesn’t have any traces of your Browsing history.

If you frequently want to browse a Particular URL in Firefox Private Browsing means, the following easy steps will help you to achieve this with single click. After this You don’t need to open Firefox in Normal Mode (Which is by default) and change the mode to Private Browsing then type your URL to view that website.

Easy Steps to Load a Web URL in Firefox Private Browsing with Single Click.

  1. Make a Copy of the Firefox Shortcut by just Copy & Paste.
  2. Right Click on the New Firefox Shortcut and Click Properties.
  3. Open the Shortcut Tab.
  4. In the Target Box, you may see the Firefox installation file path within double quote or without double quote. Don’t alter that Firefox Target Path, if you do, this shortcut definitely won’t open Firefox.
  5. Type a Space at the end of the Target and Add the following command,
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"  -private-window
  6. Make Sure to put a space before and after -priavte-window
  7. Now click Ok to close the Shortcut Properties.
  8. That’s it. Your shortcut is ready to open the Firefox in Private Browsing with your Predefined URL.

Whenever you click on this Firefox Shortcut, your Predefined URL will be opened in Private Browsing Mode. You can also change the default Icon by clicking the Change Icon button in the Shortcut Tab to differentiate from normal Firefox Shortcut.

This won’t affect your normal Firefox Shortcut. That will always open in Normal Browsing Mode.

You can also open Firefox Always in Private Browsing How to Always Start Your Firefox in Private Browsing Window

How to Create a New Folder using Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10, Window 7

In your Busy work you may want to create a New folder using Keyboard Shortcut. It may be a boring method to create a New folder using number of clicks in mouse.

There is a simple quick method to create New folder using keyboard shortcut in Windows 10.

Just Press Ctrl+Shift+N to create a New Folder in the Active Open Folder.

You can test this now by pressing Win Key + D to minimize all the open windows and show the desktop. Now press Ctrl+Shift+N to Create a New folder in your Desktop. You can see the New Folder is created and Folder name is selected to rename it.

How to Lose Weight Without Side effects

There are plenty of advertisements for diet aids, pills, snacks as appetite suppressants.But the safest way to lose weight matters here. Weight lose not only changes our beauty and shape but also helps to keep our body healthy. There is no quickest and safest way to lose weight. It can be achieved with lifestyle changes over a long period of time.

Step 1:    Take Down The Eating And Lifestyle Habits

  • We have to keep track of each and every eating habits of weekdays and weekends. Many people eat differently on weekends. Everything must be noted down.
  • It has to be noted how often we are taking food or snacks. Food from home or restaurant also has to be noted.
  • The food that we eat is healthier or it is a frozen and processed foods must be noted.

Step 2:   Cut down the meal size

  • By decreasing the size of our daily meal helps to reduce the calories we take.
  • Try to change the food habits to the recommended size and methods.
  • In order to avoid confusion in the size of the meal, We can buy a bowl of standard sizes and start eating in that bowl.

Step 3:   Consiousness in calories

  • Try to cut down 500 calories maximum.
  • Cutting down more than 500 calories is not healthy way.
  • Exercising is the best way to cut down the calories. But make sure that you dont eat too little.

Step 4:   Take down the emotions that trigger you to eat:

  • Keep track of which emotional mood makes you to eat high fat snack..
  • Which time day or night forcing you to eat snacks, has to be noted

Step 5:   Create a balanced diet plan

  • Create a diet plan which does not eliminate a large amount of food or entire food.
  • Consider programs which includes balanced diet and regular physical activities.
  • Examples:the DASH diet (great for high blood pressure), a diet that focuses on balanced meals and portion sizes, a higher protein, moderate carbohydrate diet, a diet based on a Mediterranean style of eating.

Step 6:   Meeting the dietitian

  • It helps with additional information and some suggestion according to our body condition.
  • They may suggest some effective diet plan and physical activities.
  • It is suggested to visit the dietitian regularly during the weight lose process.

Following these steps regularly will definitely help in losing weight.

How to Generate or Add Custom QR Codes to a WordPress Website

QR Code for
QR Code for

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code):

It is a machine readable code.It consists of array of black and white squares. QR code is basically used for storing the URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.



Add QR Code in WordPress website:

There are lot of Plugins available to Add QR Code in WordPress Site. Some QR Code Plugins provide Shortcode option. Some QR Code Plugins offer  readily available Insert QR Code Buttons. Some plugins offer both options.

Here is the List of some Popular QR Code WordPress Plugins:

  • Simple QR Code
    1. Simple QR Code Provides very simple Shortcode method to Generate QR Codes like [QR][/QR]. Just you need to Specify the Link within the [QR][/QR] Shortcode. Your QR Code will be generated.
  • QR Code Generator
    1. This QR Code Generator Plugin uses little advanced method to Insert QR Code. It uses Shortcode with little more options.
    2. You can use simply [qrcode] to generate QR Code of the URL of Current website.
    3. You can use [qrcode] shortcode with parameters like content, size, alt, class, credit, shadow.
      [qrcode content="Your QR Code Content" size="150" alt="Alternate text" class="class name"]
    4. Try parameters yourself one by one until you feel comfort with your QR Code.
    5. If you feel the Plugin Author’s image link unnecessary then you can set the credit parameter to false like
      [qrcode credit=false content="Your QR Code Content" size="150" alt="Alternate text" class="class name"]
  • Generate QR Code
    1. This Generate QR Code Plugin offers Shortcode as well as a User friendly button to Insert QR Code right from your WordPress Text Editor.
    2. Use [qrcode][/qrcode] as shortcode.

Steps to Add a QR Code Plugin to WordPress

  1. Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click “Plugins” in the Left Side Bar in the Admin Panel.
  3. Click “Add New” Button in the Top of that Plugins Page.
  4. In the Add Plugins Page, Put QR Code in the “Search Plugins” Search box.
  5. Your search will show a lot of Plugins related to QR Code.
  6. Just click “Install Now” Button found in appropriate plugin box.

That’s it. Now the QR Code Plugin Installed. You can use it to Generate your QR Codes and use it in your WordPress Posts and Pages.